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Neville Collection auction with embroideries

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  • Chris Laning
    Rather to my surprise, I haven t seen this link proliferating across mailing lists everywhere ;) Perhaps it s just been slow over the holiday. Bonham s auction
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2009
      Rather to my surprise, I haven't seen this link proliferating across
      mailing lists everywhere ;) Perhaps it's just been slow over the

      Bonham's auction house is holding a big auction on December 9th of
      "The Howard Neville Collection of Early Works of Art and Textiles
      together with selected other properties." It's largely a collection of
      religious art ranging from the 15th to 19th centuries, and there are
      some utterly gorgeous embroideries in it, including an elaborate 17th
      century embroidered English coif (Lot 86) and a bunch of orphreys,
      along with other bits of 15th century embroidered linen and silk et
      cetera. (I have no idea which Howard Neville this is; the catalog
      probably says.)

      Also plenty of non-textiles, such as a 16th century Spanish iron
      strongbox, 16th century painted pottery whose technical
      classifications I don't understand (I'd say Majolica but I know that's
      wrong), lots of wood and ivory carvings and other goodies ;) There is,
      as one would expect, less stuff from the earlier centuries; on a fast
      pass through, most appears to be 17th and 18th. (There are also a
      couple of probably 17th century gold rosaries -- quite extraordinary!)


      The photos are excellent, especially if you go to the Flash version
      and hit zoom. You can see details really well -- almost every
      embroidered piece I tried, I could literally count the threads and get
      an excellent look at the techniques. If you have screen-capture
      technology you could probably piece together a fairly good overall
      image from those enlarged bits, though that's always a bit tedious.

      There are links to purchase a catalog as well, though I have no idea
      how many pieces appear as photos in it, if any.


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