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FW: [IKINS] IKINS 2009 Update

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  • Debra Cobb
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      Good morning all --

      Warning: This is a teaser! Isela has lined up some very intriguing classes
      for us this year with a great mix of fascinating lectures from people who
      have done extensive research in European museums (including some
      behind-the-scenes exclusive photos) and hands-on challenging technique

      Here's our line-up:

      Elizabethan Embroidered Clothing - Iulitta Rowan of Arran will present a
      2-hour lecture with slides on embroidered clothing, including individual
      pieces from museums in England and the U.S., their construction and the
      embroidery techniques used to decorate them.

      Reticella - Sabrina de la Bere will show that there's more to needlelace
      than just the buttonhole stitch. She will take you on a journey exploring
      the elements of reticella including creating a base, starting and stopping
      threads, and a variety of challenging stitches.

      The St. Cuthbert's Goldwork Technique - Her Highness of the Mists Letitia de
      Scotia will show you in a step-by-step process the unusual yet intriguing
      goldwork stitch that makes the discovery of the St. Cuthbert vestments such
      an important landmark in the field of embroidery. She will show you the
      stitch that pre-dated Opus Anglicanum.

      Elizabethan Gloves & Gauntlets - Francesca von Hesse will provide you with
      information and amazing photos of this courtly costume accessory from her
      behind-the-scenes research in England. She will also teach some of the silk
      and gold metal thread stitches used to decorate this fashion accessory.

      Or Nue - Last year Teleri ap Gwynedd did such a fantastic job of teaching us
      the stitches prevalent in the Or Nue style
      that we've asked her to return this year to teach those techniques that many
      consider the highpoint of embroidery in the 15th century. You will
      especially enjoy seeing the pieces that's she's created.

      Migration Era Scandinavian Textiles - Kara Baraksdottir will an in-depth
      review and discussion of Margareta Nockerts "The Hogom Find and other
      Migration Period Textiles and Costumes in Scandinavia: Hogom, Part II." The
      first two house of this class will include a detailed discussion of the
      Migration Era textile finds from Hogom Sweden and surrounding areas,
      including garment construction and embellishment. In the second part of this
      class, Kara will instruct students in the techniques of seam treatments and
      other techniques based on extant examples - walk away with an embellished

      A Form of Lacis -- Based on a 13th century German altar cloth, among other
      examples, Caiterina nic Seamus will teach a "backwards" form of Lacis. Much
      Lacis in period involves filling openings in a net mesh to create a motif.
      This form works in reverse. Take a very lightweight linen, outline and
      embellish your design and then remove some of the threads from the
      background and overcast the rest leaving a dainty motif surrounded by a lacy
      ground. Very impressive, very period - and actually easier than it looks!
      Designed for intermediate embroiderers, this class requires some pre-work
      (mounting the linen on your bars or frame, and outlining the motif) on the
      provided kit before coming to class to learn the

      Registration information, class schedules, and field trip details will be
      coming in the weeks to follow. Please be patient with us as we are
      coordinating with the Collegium team and awaiting their finalizing of class

      I will be updating this Yahoo group every few days and promise to give
      advance notice of when Registration will be open.

      Elaine Fairchild (on behalf of Isela and the IKINS 2009 team)

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