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    Sorcha, can you please post the requirements for the Lumens Cynagua? Thanks!   ~Cait ... From: WKneedle@yahoogroups.com To: WKneedle@yahoogroups.com Sent:
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      Sorcha, can you please post the requirements for the Lumens Cynagua? Thanks!



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      Greetings from Cynagua From: Sorcha

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      Greetings from Cynagua
      Posted by: "Sorcha" pjbarnes1@...   pjbarnes1
      Thu Feb 5, 2009 2:15 pm (PST)

      At Cynaguan Investiture I stepped up as the new Arts & Sciences Minister.  I would like to invite all the artisans of our wonderful Kingdom to enter our competitions and displays.  Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions for future competitions that you would like to see.  Here is a list of competitions we have planned thus far for this year..


      Spring Coronet (2009)

      Arts - Period fans (with documentation)

      Arts - Small Elizabethan accessories (buttons, belts, jewelry, etc,) (with documentation)


      Summer Investiture (2009)

      Arts - Fun Project, item using the Cynaguan black swan (small paper on techniques you used) (any medium)

      Arts - Paper on “Cooking for
      the Viking Hearth” (i.e. What would be a typical meal for a Viking household)

      Sciences – Toys and games (with documentation)


      Fall Coronet (2009)

      Arts - Paper on Pearls in Fashion (How they were used, colors used, etc.)

      Arts - 14th C. Illumination (with documentation)

      Performing Arts – A poem or song about Chivalry

      Sciences – Anything cast in metal (can use pewter, bronze, silver, etc.) (with documentation)


      Winter Investiture (2010)

      Arts - Inkle Woven/Card Woven Bands (with documentation)

      Arts - Making a Viking Treasure Necklace (with documentation)

      Sciences – Setting the table with wood – can be plates, bowls, drinking vessels, or utensils, etc. (with documentation)





      Cynaguan A&S Minister


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