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Cynagua Investiture - Jan 26,2002

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  • Sabrina de la Bere
    From SCA West: From: Herr Malachias Subject: Cynaguan Arts and Sciences Greetings! Her Excellency Mari, Lady of the Swan, bid me
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2001
      From SCA West:

      From: "Herr Malachias" <capt_malachias@...>
      Subject: Cynaguan Arts and Sciences


      Her Excellency Mari, Lady of the Swan, bid me address you on the subject of
      future happenings in the diverse Arts and Sciences of the great Principality
      of Cynagua. Lady Beatrix zum Dunklenturm, our new Minister of Arts
      (woohoo!) and I are working with Their Excellencies and the populace of
      Cynagua to bring new and wondrous things to Cynaguan events.

      We encourage all of you with projects, finished or unfinished, amateur or
      no, to bring them to events for display. Winter Investiture is an
      especially good time to bring things like scrolls, painting, and other items
      too delicate for the camping environment. We shall arrange for display
      space, and will also solicit commentary if you so desire.

      We would like to also see displays and classes put on by the various guilds.
      I have seen the works of many talented woodworkers, moneyers,
      needleworkers, calligraphers, and the like; we would all very much like to
      see that talent shared with the populace! If you have a really beautiful
      scroll, bring it! If you want to hold a scriptorium, workshop, or
      roundtable discussion, please contact me (Malachias) at
      capt_malachias@... or Beatrix at beazumd@... (you may also
      call me at 916-247-7597). Teaching is *not* just for Collegia or A&S

      So far, we have two competitions and a themed display organized for Winter
      Investiture. The Arts competition will be Embroidery, and the Sciences
      competition will be Herbal Remedies; if you need any help with
      documentation, ideas, or the like, contact the A&S Ministers (that is what
      we are here for). There will be an Open Brewing display, run by Katla in
      Mikla, with lots of samples. Brewers, bring your samples as well! We are
      hoping to have a class or two scheduled by then as well; teachers, please
      contact me or the Arts Minister.

      The Lady of the Swan issued a powerful challenge to the fighters of Cynagua
      and those who would stand with her; She now issues the same challenge to its
      artisans and craftspeople. Are you up for it?

      Herr Malachias von Morgenstern, Cynaguan Minister of Sciences


      Message: 14
      Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 14:53:41 -0800
      From: "Herr Malachias" <capt_malachias@...>
      Subject: Re: Cynaguan Arts and Sciences


      In my haste, I utterly neglected a huge portion of the Arts: the Performing
      Arts! I thank His Excellency Gaius for bringing this to my attention.

      We would also like to see more dance, oratory, acting, music, and the like!
      Indoor events are ideal for dancing; no mud, no uneven ground, and there
      will be a place to plug in music.

      Classes in such are welcome, as well as displays of talent. Do you have a
      short play or monologue you have been working on? Poetry? A musical piece?
      An instrument more suited for indoor play?

      What say you?
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