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867Jingles is fast approaching. do you know where your tickets are?

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  • Kim Gallagher
    Nov 2, 2005
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      Ok, now that I have your attention and the groaning has stopped,
      We still have Jingles tickets available.
      If you have been approached at and event and wanted tickets, but did
      not have money on you, now is your chance to recover.

      Send me a letter with your name, e-mail, phone number and mailing
      address along with a check for the tickets you want, ($15 for adults
      and $8 for children 6-12) and I will mail you your tickets. We
      would not want Francisco and Leonor to have to continue to pester
      you at every event they are at when you are not prepared, so order
      them now and put it all to rest.

      You may contact me, the Autocrat at Kim@... and you
      may send your checks made out to SCA-Southern Shores to
      Micheila MacCallum
      6430 Bancroft Way
      San Jose, Ca 95129

      Thank you and I look forward to a full mailbox.

      In addition, we will be having a Silent Auction, Dancing, Best use
      of Bells contest, Dancing, Best Table Decoration contest, Dancing,
      The Choir, Classes from 11:00 – 3:00, games for the smalls, Dancing
      with bells on, and if the weather is good, some out door fighter
      type un-armored games.

      Menu Theme: The 12 Days of Christmas

      Partridge in a Pear Tree:
      Pastries in Pear Sauce, Shortbread Trees,
      Marzipan "Partridges"
      Turtle Doves:
      "Squab" with Cameline & Garlic Sauces
      French Hens:
      Brouet of Capon
      Calling Birds:
      West Kingdom Choir sings
      Golden Rings:
      Saffron Rice w/ Gold Leaf Flakes
      Roast Goose w/ Almond Custard Filled "Eggs"
      (Black) Swans-a-Swimming (in their own blood)
      Pheasant with Black Grape Sauce
      Crème Bastarde
      Ladies Dancing
      "Maid of Honor" cakes
      French Toast
      Pipers Piping
      Mock Haggis (bag) with Sugar Paste "Pipes"
      Drummers Drumming
      Meat Pie "Drums" (subtlety)

      and as a bonus:

      Closing Subtlety: Yule Log

      In Service,
      Lady Micheila MacCallum
      Autocrat for Southern Shores Jingles, 2005