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613Re: Traveling with Embroidery

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  • lilinah@earthlink.net
    Jul 6, 2004
      Hilary wrote:
      >Has anyone flown lately with embroidery tools?
      >I've got a 6-hr plane ride looming - my first since 9/11 - and am not
      >sure where to turn to find out about the rules on on-board handwork....

      I haven't flown since Christmas, but at that time i went with my
      whole needle book - no huge honkin' needles, but quite a few and in a
      range of sizes - with no problem.

      I wore one of those Clover thread cutters on a ribbon around my neck
      - took it off and put it in the little bowl along with my watch when
      going through the metal detector - so it was in plain sight - with no

      And i embroidered on the plane with no problems, well, other than the
      terrible light on planes - next time i'm bringing a clip-on light.

      If you're going out of the US, there may be different rules. Besides
      what the TSA says, airlines can make stricter rules.

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