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612Re: [WKneedle] Traveling with Embroidery

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  • Susan Farmer
    Jul 5 4:05 PM
      > Has anyone flown lately with embroidery tools?
      > I've got a 6-hr plane ride looming - my first since 9/11 - and am not
      > sure where to turn to find out about the rules on on-board handwork....

      I flew last spring from Tennessee to Ontario California. I only packed
      a couple of needles in case they confiscated them (which they didn't)
      and bought me one of those "ring cutter" things at AC Moore. You
      wear it like a ring and there's a tiny blade inside where about all
      it can do is cut thread. I packed my scissors in my checked baggage.

      YMMV -- I also managed (inadvertantly) to get on the plane with *3*
      pocket knives in my carry on lugggage.

      Jerusha in Meridies
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