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610Re: [WKneedle] Traveling with Embroidery

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  • Krista Barber
    Jul 5, 2004
      Everything should be fine except scissors, but that
      can easily be solved by taking either blunt-tipped
      scissors or a hidden blade device like the round
      medalions Clover makes. You can get those anywhere
      and pretty inexpensively. TSA says that knitting and
      crochet needles are fine, but say nothing about
      embroidery needles. I'd imagine they're too small and
      unwieldy to potentially do much damage, but you can
      always write or call to make sure. Also, you might
      want to leave the scroll frames with screw knob ends
      at home - my embroidery bag got searched the last time
      I brought those, because they looked like two sticks
      of dynamite to the scanner.
      For detailed info, this is the TSA's report as of
      November last year:

      Take care,

      --- Hilary Powers <hilary@...> wrote:
      > Has anyone flown lately with embroidery tools?
      > I've got a 6-hr plane ride looming - my first since
      > 9/11 - and am not
      > sure where to turn to find out about the rules on
      > on-board handwork....
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