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602Collegium Nebularum, June 26

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  • Denise Robello
    Jun 17, 2004
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      Collegium Nebularum, June 26

      The event is less than two weeks away. There are classes for adults,
      classes for Pages, and an artisan's display. Lunch is being
      coordinated by the Shire of Teufelberg and you can sign up the day of
      the event for lunch. The feast is sold out, but we are looking for
      feast servers (who will be fed for their efforts) and there are
      several local restaurants recommended on the website.

      There are still many classes that have pre-registration space open.
      Did you know you could pre-register for the $0 fee classes
      electronically? If you send an e-mail to collegiumnebularum@...
      requesting a class and you include your SCA Name, Mundane Name, and
      class title, you can register for those classes without standing in
      line on June 26.

      If you want to take a class that has associated fees, you can mail in
      a pre-registration form with your class fees. But make sure you mail
      it by next Wednesday or it may not arrive in time.

      Check the class roster for classes that haven't filled pre-
      registration limits and sign-up.

      Otherwise, it will be first-come/first serve early Saturday morning
      and you'll have to rely on your wits and charm to get into your first
      choice classes.

      Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke

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