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494Reminder - Collegium

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  • WKneedle@yahoogroups.com
    Nov 8, 2003
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      We would like to remind you of this upcoming event.


      Date: Saturday, November 22, 2003
      Time: All Day


      Saturday�s classes (in no particular order):

      Class name: Setting Fabric in a Wooden Frame
      Teacher: Duchess Letitia de Scotia
      Description: One of the best ways to get very even tension on
      fabric for
      embroidery is to lash all four sides of the fabric into a wooden
      This class will show students how to lash and tighten the fabric
      down so
      that the tension is even and tight AND stays that way.�
      Instructor will
      provide all fabric, string and needles.
      Materials to bring: Students must bring 4 - 10 inch stretcher
      bars.� These
      are available at Michael's.� They come in two to a package
      and are called
      Uni-Stretch frames.� If you have problems obtaining the
      stretcher bars,
      please contact the instructor.
      Class limit: 8
      Fee: None, as students will be providing their own stretcher

      Class name: Needle-Lace Edgings
      Teacher: Aldith Angharad St. George
      Description: Learn two forms of 16th century needle-lace
      edgings, using
      buttonhole stitch, picots, and needleweaving.� These edgings
      were used for
      all kinds of linens, including shirts, chemises, handkerchiefs
      and veils.��
      A kit will be provided including linen fabric, thread and
      Materials to bring: Scissors
      Class limit: 6, but auditors are welcome
      Fee: $2

      Class name: Medieval Quilting
      Teacher: Christian de Holacombe
      Description: Medieval quilting is a one-color art, created with
      stitches on solid colored fabric. The technique is simple and
      elegant and
      the materials inexpensive. Learn the stitches on a small piece
      of corded and
      stuffed quilting, and take home patterns from the 1300s
      Guicciardini quilts,
      made in Sicily.
      Materials to bring: Scissors, hoop and thimble -- even if you
      don't use one
      otherwise, you'll need it for this!
      Class limit: None
      Fee: $5

      Class name: Trim Design and Choice: Easy Embroidery for the
      Teacher: Mistress Hilary of Serendip
      Description: Design concepts for fast neck and wrist trim, plus
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