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433Golden Needle Program - Clarification

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  • Sabrina de la Bere
    Sep 2, 2003
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      The concept behind the Golden Needle Program is not just to do a
      major needlework project in a historic technique, but to ensure that
      the whole project is done in a historic manner.

      An example --

      Elizabethan Swete bag -
      To make the project work, the design would need to be one which would
      fit an Elizabethan Swete Bag. The stitches would need to be
      appropriate for such a bag and the design. The materials with which
      the bag would be constructed and the manner of construction would
      need to be appropriate.

      Would the bag need to be hand sewn? - no, so long as the machine
      stitching did not show.

      Would he bag need to have hand constructed cording? - no, so long as
      the cording looked appropriate.

      If I can't afford to do the bag in silk and metal threads will it be
      disqualified - no, but use threads that approximate the silk and
      metal threads. I think, you will find that you can find inexpensive
      silk and metal threads that will do and that will behave similarly.

      The key objective is to do a whole project in context.

      Please feel free to ask questions.

      In Service,

      Sabrina de la Bere
      Minister, Kingdom of the West Needleworkers Guild
      Website: http://www.bayrose.org/wkneedle/
      Email List & Files: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WKneedle/

      "So simple, so beautiful, so easy - ask me how."