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416Re: [WKneedle] Tent stitch

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  • Jane of Stockton
    Jul 3, 2003
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      At 04:54 AM 3/07/2003 +0000, Heather wrote:
      >I have come across two ways of doing what seems to be tent stitch,
      >and I would like to know which is correct. There is one style that
      >seems to finish with a diagonal stitch on the reverse, and one with
      >a vertical stitch on the reverse. Both are a diagonal stitch on the
      >front (hopefully this is clear).
      >Any help would be appricated, thank you.


      What you are describing are two stitches, one commonly referred to as half
      cross stitch and the other tent stitch.


      Tent stitch is a stronger stitch and is what is used most in period. It is
      preferable because the method of doing the stitch stops the threads from
      slipping under the weave of the base fabric.

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