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366Requirements for counted stitch project

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  • violingoddesss
    Apr 6, 2003
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      What are the requirements for counted thread cross stitch and
      blackwork projects for the apprenticeship program. Is aidia cloth
      allowed for cross stitch? Any particular size? Is linen required
      for blackwork? What should the stitching convey about my familiarity
      with the style. What subject matter should be expressed it the
      piece? Does the blackwork require the use of silk thread, or is DMC
      allowed? What about the cross stitch thread? Should I research the
      period fill designs for blackwork, or will any fill designs be
      allowed? Is the Holbien stitch required for blackwork, or can I
      stitch without it? Define "no long skips"? How long is "long".
      Would a skip of thread of less that 1 inch or 1/2 inch be allowed?

      Thank you fro humoring me!

      Meghan E. Doty
      Barony of Allyshia