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230Mists Royal Gift Chest

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  • Sabrina de la Bere
    May 1, 2002
      Calling all Artisans -- Young and Old, Beginning and Advanced

      Their Highnesses of the Mist and the Lord and Lady of the Mists have
      indicated that they would very much like to show off their largess
      and the wonderful work of their populace during their travels.
      Therefore, I wish to announce the formation of the Mists Royal Gift

      If you have created **anything** in a period style that you are
      willing to have given away by Royalty and hence that will be
      appreciated by Royalty and other grateful recipients, please donate
      them to the Mists Royal Gift Chest.

      These items need not be large or complicated in nature. In fact,
      since they will travel far and wide, small is good. Nor do these
      items have to be of "Laurel" quality, but should be nicely done items
      which show off your skill. Some of the nicest items I have seen were
      done by beginning artisans who lovingly undertook to create a few
      items in the space of an afternoon or were done as a Page School

      Some items which would be appropriate are listed below, but this list
      should not be taken as exhaustive:
      hand made soap
      hand made candles or hand decorated candles
      napkins with a smallish medieval design embroidered on them
      small (4"x6") presentation bags and larger (12"x18") presentation bags
      covered notebooks
      pin cushions
      tools of various sorts - awl, needlecase, etc.
      small boxes
      hand made beads
      hand made cords
      badges (perhaps embroidered with an item relating to the Mists)
      decorated items of leather

      Please do not donate items of food or alcohol without talking with me
      first as there are certain issues to be considered including
      restrictions on items and spoilage.

      Please DO attach a label the item with your name and area, as Royalty
      like to know to whom they should be indebted and whose work they are

      Items may be brought to any Mists Principality event for donation or
      sent directly to me -- Sabrina de la Bere (Robin Berry) PO Box 1809,
      El Granada, CA 94018. A collection chest will be located at the
      Mists A&S pavilion at Mists Investiture. I look forward to seeing
      the wonderful work of the artisans of our region as we fill the
      coffers of the Mists.

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

      In Service,

      Sabrina de la Bere, Baroness
      Principality of the Mists
      Kingdom of the West