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2141Minutes from A&S Meeting

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  • fighterchick1
    Jun 16, 2014

      Hi Needleworkers,

      Here are the minutes of our last meeting: 

      Ongoing Projects

      * West Kingdom Rose Pouches: Sabrina has the West Kingdom Rose Pouches assigned through March 2016, plus two extras available "just in case." She's looking for volunteers for 2016 and beyond. Sabrina wants everyone in the Guild to know that ANYONE can volunteer to do a Rose Pouch (*not* just Laurels). 

      * Royal Napkins: Catherine will stitch these for the coming year. 

      * Throne Cushions: Ellen has completed these; they will be presented at court at June Crown. 

      * Mists Rose Pouches: The Guild will start gifting Rose Pouches to the outgoing Princess of the Mists in the Spring of 2015. Want to sign up to stitch a Mists Rose Pouch? Contact me directly (at fighterchick at hotmail dot com). 

      * Largesse: No plans for a Guild-wide largesse project upcoming. (But that doesn't mean you can't donate largesse to the Kingdom or Principality on your own.) 

      * War Cloak: Katherine is finishing up the 2014 War Cloak. We need a volunteer for the 2016 War Cloak! This is a big project...think about volunteering NOW so you've got lots of time to design and work your cloak. 

      Other Business

      * The Guild used to make and give its members thank-you gifts for service projects. Let's think about doing that again. 

      * Liz has been authorized to buy a new banner pole and crossbar for the Guild banner. 

      Next Meeting: 

      Will take place at either October Crown or at Collegium. Got a preference? Say so here. 


      Liz de Belcaire