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2126Re: [WKneedle] crewel embroidery

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  • Conny Fitzsimmons (Catherine Lorraine)
    Jan 14, 2014
      good morning Ingunn,

      well cross stitch is period but not as we use it today. There is some
      cross stitch in German embroidery if memory serves correctly it is from
      the 1400's and it is over one thread and not two like modern cross
      stitch and it isn't pretty pictures and stuff like that. Period
      examples that I have seen pictures of it was words

      If you want to do embroidery that is scenes and people etc, then late
      period Elizabethan tent stitch which of course is counted and not free

      Crewel is stitched with wool on linen and there are many examples of
      that type of embroidery along with a variety of stitches but not cross
      stitch. The exact definition of crewel embroidery is:
      Crewel embroidery, or Crewelwork, is a decorative form of surface
      embroidery using wool and a variety of different embroidery stitches to
      follow a design outline

      Crewel embroidery really came into its own in the Jacobean time period
      which is slightly out of our time period

      some books: Crewel Embroidery in England by Joan Edwards

      Crewel Embroidery by Sue Hawkins is all modern stuff, but really
      beautiful examples and teaches you how to stitch crewel

      English Embroidery in the Royal Ontario Museum by Katherine b. Brett has
      one example of crewel work, and it is from the 1700's

      as to the expense, wool is expensive and has gotten more so over the
      years which definitely is unfortunate, and I know of no source that is
      cheap. Online sources have the best prices, but none of them are really
      inexpensive, you might try Herrschners online and see what their
      prices are like.

      Hope this help.
      Catherine Lorraine

      On 1/13/2014 2:20 PM, weasel2008@... wrote:
      > I have started having an interest in crewel embroidery. I am looking
      > to make a pillow (12"x12" or 14x14" square) size to start off with. I am
      > familiar with embroidery already but not crewel. many modern examples
      > that I have seen of crewel work is done in cross stitch.
      > my questions.
      > 1. is cross stitch period? or rather, was it a stitch used?
      > 2. was cross stitch found in crewel embroidery? can I get away with
      > using cross stitch in a medieval motif ?
      > what stitches are best suited for crewel work if I make a pillow or
      > something that will be used?
      > what stitches would be better suited for a hanging tapestry?
      > I dont want to spend an arm and a leg getting into crewel. Is there
      > anywhere that I could purchase less expensive crewel wool?
      > thanks for letting me pick your brain!
      > Ingunn Halldorsdottir
      > Aethelmearc
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