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2090Largess Pattern

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  • tongarii
    Jul 12 10:39 AM
      For those of you who wish to make a cap for Largess I have uploaded a pattern in the files section:


      This is a simple 2 piece coif/cap. Print out all 4 pieces and put them together with tape. Cut out the pattern as is and it will fit a medium head of 21" If you want to make it larger cut a half inch around the pattern.

      Embroider as you wish.

      The cap is sewn with one seam down the middle then finish by hand the bottom and front sections. You can add twill tape to the bottom front section to make ties.

      Remember that October Crown we'd like to have a display of Largess items. Work in progress. The items will not be given to Crown till March Crown 2014.


      Jocelyn of Rowenwood
      WK Needleworkers Guild Minister
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