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2002Re: [WKneedle] 12th Night Display

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  • Conny Fitzsimmons (Catherine Lorraine)
    Jan 2, 2013
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      Hi Katherine,

      Display item: the sweete bag I made for the Guild largess, my other two
      items, will be in the Laurel's display per the request of Their Royal
      Highnesses Ob and Acelin...

      Yes indeed the display was opened to include the Broideror's project in

      Do you have a time in mind as to whey the Largess items will be
      presented to Their new Majesties? If not might I make a suggestion,
      since Ob and Ascelin will be sitting in state during the Duchess Ball,
      that might be a good time to make the Guild presentation. Court is
      always tight for time, and especially so this year since the play is
      right after court.

      Catherine Lorraine

      On 1/2/2013 8:09 AM, delangelia wrote:
      > Hi Folks!
      > As of now we have three hours of display volunteers, covering from 10AM to 1PM.
      > Now, this may sound kinda harsh, and I really mean this instead from the most practical sense, but I am incline to run the display only for the time that we actually have volunteers to cover it. So as of now, that is from 10AM to 1PM.
      > Do we have anyone else who is willing to give an hour of their day to the display? or do we leave it at three hours?
      > Also, can I get a show of "hands" on how many people are displaying?
      > I believe we opened the display to include Broideror's projects in process...
      > Katherine
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