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1October Crown report

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  • Chris Laning
    Oct 2 6:11 PM
      Thanks first of all to Iulitta Rowan, who has provided us with a fine
      Guild pavilion! Although we weren't in the front row, some people did
      manage to find us, just a bit off the list field under our tall white
      roof! Now to get a really snazzy canvas cover for it that will make
      it really stand out . . . For now, it looks like the top of a big
      white "Conestoga wagon" poking up above the tops of the pavilions.
      Iulitta and her lord also set it up for us, took it down, and will
      store it between events.

      Our first class in the new pavilion was "Table Carpets" by Mistress
      Anne of Bradford. She explained that carpets from the East were rare
      and precious in Western Europe in the late Middle Ages and the
      Renaissance. Most common were small carpets that were laid on top of
      tables, chests, etc. rather than put on the floor where they would
      get all muddy! Many paintings show bits and pieces of the carpets
      that are draped over furniture in the background. She brought lots of
      books showing carpets in photos and paintings, and charted motifs to
      help us get started. She also showed us her current LARGE carpet
      project so we could see the stitching, especially the long-armed
      cross-stitch and the beautiful effects it produces. We only had about
      five people attending, probably due to the lack of advance publicity
      (for which your Chronicler apologizes -- hopefully this mailing list
      will help keep it from happening again!).

      We also had Mistress Catherine Lorraine and Lady Christian de
      Holacombe sitting in the pavilion from the end of Invocation until
      class time. We were available as "mentors" for anyone who wanted
      encouragement, admiration or suggestions on their needlework, and we
      did get three or four people asking about satin stitch, couched cord,
      and other matters.

      Also, two of the Queen's Rose Pouches were turned in, and they are
      both just *gorgeous*! The pouch for Caid is in laid and couched gold
      silk on blue, and the one for Calontir is a wonderful silver rose on
      purple, in glorious, densely couched silver and white threads that
      swirl and spiral around the petals. Thanks to Eliska z_Jihlava and
      Brid Hecgwiht for their fine work.

      See you all at Collegium in two weeks...

      O "Mistress Christian Ashley"
      | gentlewoman to Dorothy, Lady Stafford (RPFN)
      + Chris Laning <claning@...>