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1943Request for Research Help

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  • Cascata
    May 3, 2012
      Greetings to all the fellow needleworkers,

      I have not forgotten about our dialogue over the sojourner's program. However, since your end is on hold for awhile I'm letting both reality and our current A&S competition take precedence.

      To that end, I'm requesting help in locating resources on period cup covers and napkins. I already have two relatively good online sources. Most of you are now yelling at the computer "Go to the library!" The problem with that is that I'm in the Stronghold of Warrior's Gate (Korea), I've never even heard of an English language library in Korea. So I'm resorting to asking you for online references or scanned books to the aforementioned cup cover and napkins.

      For those of you that are wondering the whole competition is feast gear (so if you have period references to a whole tablesetting, I'd be grateful if you'd pass those along as well).

      Here are the two references that I have found so far:

      Thank you!

      Eternally Hopeful,
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