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1842Meeting At A&S Next Weekend!

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  • delangelia
    Jun 2, 2011
      (my apologies, but I am having a terrible time with Yahoo mail this week.... so here goes!)

      The Guild is host a track of 3 classes at A&S next weekend at Ed Levin park in Milpitas: 5 Basic Stitches by Mistress Sabrina de Bere, Needlelace Edgings (for 16th-c. Italian Shirts & Chemises) by Mistress Aldith Angharad St. George, and Introduction to Blackwork by Lady Jocelyn of Rowenwood.

      The meeting will be held in conjunction with a potluck during the lunch break (12:30 – 2PM), including the long awaited Stash Swap!!!

      Meeting Agenda

      Rose Pouch Update
      Sabrina de la Bere will give us her usual update on the status of the Rose Pouch Project.

      Royal Napkin Project Update
      Sorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc has reported that she may not be able to make A&S (could you email the status to me for reading at the meeting?)

      West/An Tir Cloak Project Update
      Jocelyn of Rowenwood reports will give us a quicky update.

      Book Cover Project Update
      Book Covers are due June Crown 2011 where they will be displayed in the A&S and then presented to Their Majesties. We'll show off what we've finished and talk about the presentation.

      June Crown Display!!!
      We will be doing our usual display in the A&S pavilion for June Crown. This display is not limited to the book projects, so let's show off!

      Stitch For the Cure Project Update
      Isela de Bere will give an update on the status of the Stitch for the Cure Project.

      What shall we get up to next???
      The book cover project is coming to an end, and the Stitch for the Cure will be done at October Crown. So my stitchy friends, what shall we get up to next? Come with ideas!

      Katherine de Langelei
      West Kingdom Needleworker's Guild Minister