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1750Greetings from Lady Carres Sabran- Outlands

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  • Stephanie Yokom
    Sep 14, 2010
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      I am seeking the assistance from our cousins who participate in textiles and
      everything associated with textiles.

      I am frustrated with my kingdom and their lack of support for the A&S. So,
      I am working on an idea to bring A&S to forefront once again in my kingdom.
      I have heard and seen the beautiful artistry that comes from the West
      Kingdom and I am asking if some of you would like to venture east to the
      Outlands for a Clothiers and Textiles Collegium to be held 1 year from now?

      This event is going to be a complete all-day hands-on event. Lecture and
      handouts will be at the choice of the teacher. I am putting together a list
      of classes that I would like to see taught at this collegium. We will be
      encouraging the participants to bring their fabric, sewing machines and/or
      sewing baskets.

      I am also working on having Margo Anderson come and do a sewing roundtable
      with people that already have garb going and want her advice.

      The classes are going to range from sewing a great t-tunic, to blackwork, to
      naalbinding, dyepot your rovings, embroidery lessons, hand stitching, etc.

      These are the ideas that are in the works. Once I get the class idea lists
      put together, I will post it here and let everyone have their say over which
      class they would like to teach. Right now the class listing is 67 classes,
      but the place we are booking just won't hold that many classes! (Darn it!)

      Compensation- ( I wish that I could offer more)

      You will be compensated for the following:

      Site fees
      Both meals on-site

      We will have a crash space coordinator, so we will help find you suitable

      Possibly gas cards. (Just depends on how the fund raisers go)

      Please keep this missive in mind when wanting to spread your knowledge of
      your talents. I will be posting more information as me and my team get
      things settled on the seneschal level.

      OH! If you know of any awesome merchants, please when the time comes tell
      them about this event. Only charging site fees, no merchant booth fees!

      Finally, if you have any questions please feel free to email me.

      Thank you for your time.

      Lady Carres Sabran
      MKA- Stephanie Yokom

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