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1733RE: [WKneedle] Hi, I am new to the group

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  • Ken Mayer
    Jun 1, 2010
      Oops - forgot to post to the group -


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      Subject: RE: [WKneedle] Hi, I am new to the group

      Hi, Rhiannon -
      The napkins themselves were pre-made that way - we just added the roses.
      However, if you want to work napkins like that, the technique is Drawn
      Thread work. There are a number of books that show how this is done, but
      here's a link that shows the border done for the napkins--it's from the
      _Encylopedia of Needlework_ by Therese de Dillmont and is downloadable FREE
      from the Project Gutenberg site:
      rns - see Figure 72, "double rowed single cluster open work".

      Hope this helps -


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      Subject: [WKneedle] Hi, I am new to the group

      Hello Everyone,

      I was looking at all of the beautiful Pennsic napkins 2007, they are all so

      I was wondering how I would learn to do the cutwork so I can make some for
      our new King and Queen. Can anyone tell me where to look so I can make some
      of these beautiful napkins.

      Thank you,

      Cindy Dionisio/Rhiannon in Game..


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