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1611Re: New title: 12th night guild happenings

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  • Katherine de Langelei
    Nov 2, 2009
      no, you didn't miss anything about signing up to man the display...yet ;-)  I'm waiting to see exactly how much space we'll get and if we can be next to the Artisan's display or not... so I'll know how many and how long etc... stay tuned!
      Of course they are saving us room for a display.  I've requested that our display be in the main hallway so we are not shut out of the fun in a tiny lonely room somewhere... and so we'll get much more foot traffic.
      This may mean less room (still working on details with the site folk), but I think we can work it out. I'm looking at this as one of the best times to reach out to folks who may be interested but too shy to approach at Crowns... so being in the middle of things is much more desirable for this purpose.
      If we can pull off a few chairs to one side to draw them in and get them stitching... well, that would be good :-)
      (the evil plotting Guild Minister)

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      Subject: New title: 12th night guild happenings
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      Date: Monday, November 2, 2009, 9:36 AM

      That sounds like fun. Maybe bring some teaching materials in case anyone is interested in a casual class? Not just the picots, I'm thinking other stuff too. I've been doing that at the last couple of crowns and had more fun with that than I've had in ages.
      BUT: can you check with whomever is running the larger display space about reserving extra space? It might be a good thing to see if we can do this before getting all crazy with plans.
      Did I miss something about manning the guild display table? Did a sign up sheet go around? I didn't see anything, but I'd be happy to sit for an hour or two between choir and the play.

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