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1421Just Saying Howdy, Y'all

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  • tn_lark
    Jan 11, 2009
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      I am an embroiderer from over in Meridies, the Shire of Crimson River.
      I am interested in all of the fiber arts, but particularly in
      embroidery pre-1100. I recently completed a reproduction of a portion
      of the Bayeux Tapestry which you can see at
      http://www.tangledmoon.org/embroid2.htm Right now I'm working on
      another piece done in the Bayeux style and using the Tiberius Works
      Calendar images for inspiration (which is thought that the designer of
      the Bayeux also did.) And I'm starting a practice piece based on the
      embroideries from the tomb of St. Cuthbert. I love the early stuff
      and I really enjoy researching the tiny scraps that are out there and
      just waiting to be seen (and embroidered) again.

      -Iofa merch Macsen-