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1357Re: [WKneedle] 11th C needlework being conserved in Worchester

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  • Chris Laning
    Aug 1, 2008
      This reminds me to mention something I've been thinking about. I
      hadn't seen this particular article (which is fascinating!) and it's
      clearly about historical needlework, in the sense that we use
      "needlework" in the West -- i.e. crafts done with a threaded needle.

      But I assume that anyone here who is interested in needlework,
      costuming, weaving, spinning or other textile arts probably
      subscribes to several other mailing lists besides this one. There are
      lots of other lists, and if anyone wants to recommend other lists
      that might be of interest, I'd say you should feel free to mention
      them here. I think I probably subscribe to more than most, since I
      "listen in" on several other kingdoms' needlework lists, for
      instance, which (if you're interested) you can find listed here:

      The WKneedle list in particular is designed for questions about
      historical needlework and resources, and for West Kingdom needlework-
      related announcements. (People from anywhere else are of course also
      welcome, but this is our purpose.) We wholeheartedly support the
      endeavors of other lists, but I think we would appreciate people not
      forwarding to this list information that isn't _directly_ about
      historical needlework, especially if it *is* readily available on
      other widely-read lists.


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