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1325Variations on Buttohhole Stitch

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  • Velvet Claw
    Apr 9, 2008
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      Hello everybody :-)

      Buttonhole stitch was used over the centuries including in the 16th and
      17th centuries.

      There are a number of variations on the stitch, listed in SharonB's
      Stitch Dictionary

      Barb Stitch
      Berwick Stitch
      Bonnet Stitch
      Buttonhole Bar
      Buttonhole Wheel
      Closed Buttonhole Stitch
      Closed Feather Stitch
      Crossed Buttonhole Stitch
      Rosette of Thorns
      Up and Down (Mirror) Buttonhole
      Up and Down Buttonhold, Feathered

      They are described at
      it's links at the bottom of the page

      Would you use these in a historical piece?

      best regards, and thankyou

      Megan/Elmsley Rose