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1296Re: [WKneedle] Filum Aureum #34

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  • Conny Fitzsimmons (Catherine Lorraine)
    Feb 8, 2008
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      Greetings Morgana,

      In answer to your question about Filum #33 our Chronicler posted a message
      to the group list on Jan 22, message #1292 regarding Filum 33 and the link
      to be able to download the PDF file...is there,. and yes it isn't posted on
      the Guild Website yet. Again I just tried to download the Filum #33 on my
      56k dial up and had problems, but the YFI connection worked just fine, and
      the Filum downloaded in a matter of a few seconds all it's glorious

      The second question regarding the Guild auction, it was very successful, I
      personally do not know the absolute total amount collected our Guild
      Minister Felicia will be posting about the auction soon.

      In regards to the article on Voided Work, yes the link is broken on the
      individual article, I do not know why, but if you scroll to the bottom of
      the articles page and click on the Filum Summer 2002 the article is in
      that issue

      The Barbello link is also broken, again I do not know why, but the article
      is in the Fall 2002 Issue of the Filum, again scroll to the bottom of the
      article page and click on that Filum

      as to the Bayeux tapestry why you can't download the Winter no idea, but I
      did just try to download that Filum issue using my 56k dial up and I had
      trouble, but when going to the YFI connection had no trouble at all.

      Hope this helps you,

      Catherine Lorraine
      Guild Patron

      > And while I'm at it: the Is Bargello Period article came across as
      > "not found." Another of Sabrina's articles on Voided Work came up
      > "not found" too. Both are listed as "revised," Perhaps they're not
      > finished yet?
      > And I've never been able to download issue # -- the one with the
      > Bayeux Tapestry article, which I did get from the individual articles
      > list. Which means I finally got to the see the article about the
      > Oertha Tapestry too in the other single article.
      > And a couple more questions while I'm at it: how did the fundraising
      > go at 12th Night? Those of us unable to attend have no idea how much
      > was raised.
      > And can this list be set up to "return to list" rather than "return
      > to sender?" I always get caught up in that, as virtually every other
      > list I'm on replies to the list as a whole....

      not sure why that has happened as it used to go to the whole list, Christian
      needs to adress that particular issue..
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