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1295Re: [WKneedle] Filum Aureum #34

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  • Sharron Albert
    Feb 7, 2008
      >So having gotten Filum #33 off my chest, it's time to start working
      >on Issue #34. The next issue is due to come out after March Crown --
      >which unfortunately I won't be at, since I'll be in Europe that week
      >(I know, I know --sad fate, isn't it? <g>). So everything needs to be
      >ready to go well before that.

      You tease! I went on the bayrose web page and #33 is not there! Might
      a link be posted?

      And while I'm at it: the Is Bargello Period article came across as
      "not found." Another of Sabrina's articles on Voided Work came up
      "not found" too. Both are listed as "revised," Perhaps they're not
      finished yet?

      And I've never been able to download issue # -- the one with the
      Bayeux Tapestry article, which I did get from the individual articles
      list. Which means I finally got to the see the article about the
      Oertha Tapestry too in the other single article.

      And a couple more questions while I'm at it: how did the fundraising
      go at 12th Night? Those of us unable to attend have no idea how much
      was raised.

      And can this list be set up to "return to list" rather than "return
      to sender?" I always get caught up in that, as virtually every other
      list I'm on replies to the list as a whole....

      Morgana, spending some time browsing the web for a change, while home
      with a cold from hell
      Wit is educated insolence. -Aristotle, philosopher (384-322 BCE)
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