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1123Re: [WKneedle] Gem attachment

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  • Ken Mayer
    Feb 3, 2007
      At 01:45 AM 2/2/2007, Cindie wrote:

      >I have been working on a piece in the style of Aldith's beautiful be-
      >gemmed piece that is pictured in the photos section. She sent me
      >directions a few years ago and I am working on the piece finally. It is
      >turning out quite eye catching. I need to do some research and get
      >some documentation. Can anyone point me in a direction for a search?
      >I don't enven know what to call it.

      Since Aelia and Tangwystyl have covered most of the available
      documentation, (which is to say, there's not half as much as we'd
      like) I'll just add that there is more documentation on the use of
      glass stones in jewellery and in stitched jewelled textile decoration
      in Medieval European Jewellery, by Ronald Lightbown, V&A Museum 1992,
      ISBN 0-948107-87-1.

      Are you planning to take pictures of your finished piece? I'd love
      to see it.... (no pressure)....


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