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1121Re: [WKneedle] Gem attachment

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  • Krista Barber
    Feb 2, 2007
      To Illora and Faolan, and anyone else with an interest,
      There is only one period piece in existence (that is known) using these techniques, a 10th century Austrian chausuble. Larger cabochons are attached to it with the "loop and tack" technique that creates a look like a solid gold bezel, and the much smaller round gems are attached with the looser "crosshatching" technique. Aldith found the garment in this book:

      Textile Conservation, by Mechtild Flury-Lemberg, Abegg Foundation, 1988.

      Aldith had her own copy of this book; I've not tried to find it myself so I cannot speak to price or library availability. If anyone would like a copy of the handout I put together for my class on this, which includes both Aldith's original handout (used with her permission) and my personal notes on augmenting her techniques as well as some applications to Byzantine clothing, contact me privately and we'll make arrangements.
      BTW, I personally call the techniques "stitched gem settings."

      Take care,

      Cindie <illoraofthewestlea@...> wrote:
      I have been working on a piece in the style of Aldith's beautiful be-
      gemmed piece that is pictured in the photos section. She sent me
      directions a few years ago and I am working on the piece finally. It is
      turning out quite eye catching. I need to do some research and get
      some documentation. Can anyone point me in a direction for a search?
      I don't enven know what to call it.

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