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Kingdom Largesse Request

Hello Needleworkers! We have a request for largesse for HRH Ariela, coordinated by the fabulous Ula Paulsen​. We've been asked to create monogrammed
Jul 14

Rose Pouches for Our Queens

Greetings - The Rose Pouch continues into its 11th year. Several of you were kind enough to volunteer to do "extra" pouches at the March Crown meeting. In
Jun 24

Need ride to A&S this weekend

Greetings Gentles of the West, My hoped-for ride to A&S this weekend fell through. I had planned to daytrip both days and am looking for rides both days as I
Jun 3

Re: WKNG Potluck and Meeting at A&S

We’re still working out kid logistics for the day. If I can make it, it’ll probably be a bottle of sparkling water or juice to share. ~Safiya ... We’re
Michelle Schutzman
Jun 3

WKNG Potluck and Meeting at A&S

Hi West Kingdom Needleworkers--it's that time. We'll be having a meeting and lunch potluck during the lunch break at A&S (that's 12pm-1pm), to be held in the
Jun 3

Re: March Crown Meeting Minutes

Evaine, Wow! Some very nice work there.  Good thing it's only one that needs to be done this time - although designing a "kingdom neutral" would be a design
Cynthia Elrod
Apr 29

Re: March Crown Meeting Minutes

Greetings Alethia, Our Royals present gifts to the other Kingdoms at Pennsic (it used to be all the Kingdoms but they all agreed to a secret Santa type set-up
Evaine ni MacGreger
Apr 28

Re: March Crown Meeting Minutes

Elizabeth, Thank you for the minutes.  I hate missing the meetings and like to know what's happening. I'm not familiar with Pennic pouches.  What are they?
Cynthia Elrod
Apr 28

March Crown Meeting Minutes

So sorry for the delay! Hi Needleworkers, We had a meeting at March Crown last weekend. It was a fun, lively group. Thank you to all who attended--especially
Apr 27

Guild Meeting at March Crown

We're having a Guild Meeting at March Crown. Time: Beginning of 5th Round Place: Katherine de Langeli's pavilion, hopefully on the eric. Look for the WKNG
Mar 5

Beginners Class at March Crown

The fabulous Mistress Katherine de Langeli is holding a basic embroidery class at March Crown. Here are the specifics: Greetings to All! I will be hosting a
Mar 5

WKNG Facebook Group Is Live

Hi Needleworkers, The WKNG Facebook group is live as of today. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/westkingdomneedleworkers/
Mar 1

Re: Questions about Chain Stitch

Here is what I do: First, use the smallest stitches you can manage. It really helps when trying to negotiate a curve. If negotiating a sharp turn, first stitch
Feb 27

Questions about Chain Stitch

I’m wondering if there is anyone near me in Willow Glen (San Jose) who might be able to give me 10-15 minutes in the next couple days in person? I’ve been
Michelle Schutzman
Feb 27

Re: Greetings from a New Member

I live in Willow Glen in San Jose. Just off Curtner and 87. Chelle Please excuse spelling errors. Sent from my iPhone.
Michelle Schutzman
Feb 22
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