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Guild Meeting at March Crown

We're having a Guild Meeting at March Crown. Time: Beginning of 5th Round Place: Katherine de Langeli's pavilion, hopefully on the eric. Look for the WKNG
Mar 5

Beginners Class at March Crown

The fabulous Mistress Katherine de Langeli is holding a basic embroidery class at March Crown. Here are the specifics: Greetings to All! I will be hosting a
Mar 5

WKNG Facebook Group Is Live

Hi Needleworkers, The WKNG Facebook group is live as of today. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/westkingdomneedleworkers/
Mar 1

Re: Questions about Chain Stitch

Here is what I do: First, use the smallest stitches you can manage. It really helps when trying to negotiate a curve. If negotiating a sharp turn, first stitch
Feb 27

Questions about Chain Stitch

I’m wondering if there is anyone near me in Willow Glen (San Jose) who might be able to give me 10-15 minutes in the next couple days in person? I’ve been
Michelle Schutzman
Feb 27

Re: Greetings from a New Member

I live in Willow Glen in San Jose. Just off Curtner and 87. Chelle Please excuse spelling errors. Sent from my iPhone.
Michelle Schutzman
Feb 22

Re: Greetings from a New Member

that is great you are local, per our Guild Minister there will be a Guild meeting at March Crown, she hasn't posted the details as yet, but said it would be
Conny Fitzsimmons (Catherine Lorraine)
Feb 11

Re: Greetings from a New Member

Good morning Chelle, In San Jose you are right in the middle of a very active area :-) Elizabeth de Belcaire (fighterchick@...) is our current Guild
Evaine ni MacGreger
Feb 11

Re: Greetings from a New Member

Welcome Chelle, question what area do you live in ? Catherine Lorraine
Conny Fitzsimmons (Catherine Lorraine)
Feb 11

Greetings from a New Member

Good Morning, My name is Chelle. I'm new to the SCA (and still working on a persona). I'm in the process of making and upgrading garb and wanted to do some
Feb 11

Photos for Facebook Group

Hello WKNG, I'm building our Facebook group. For those of you who hang out on FB, expect to see an invitation to the group soon--I'll be advertising the group
Jan 13

new Website Minister needed

Greetings - The West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild has a website. http://wkneedle.bayrose.org/index.html http://wkneedle.bayrose.org/index.html Our faithful
Jan 12

Napkins Presented to Their Majesties Oct 5, 2014

Write a message...Pictures of the napkins presented to Their Majesties Mikolaj and Arienwen at Oct. Crown this past weekend, have been uploaded to the folder
Oct 6, 2014

Fwd: [WKneedle] Rose Pouches for our Queen

A couple of ladies have come forward and we are now booked through Purgatorio of 2016. If anyone else is interested we can go further out or if anyone is
Sabrina de la Bere
Oct 2, 2014

Rose Pouches for our Queen

Here is the current schedule: 2015 12th Night (Oct Crown) Arianwen Katherine de Langelei 2015 Beltane (March Crown) Vashti 2015 Purgatorio (June Crown)
Sabrina de la Bere
Oct 2, 2014
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