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Benefit Screening of Disney-Pixars' UP at Pixar Animation Studios San Francisco Film Society Presents A Benefit Screening of UP at Pixar Animation Studios Monday, May 11 at 7:30 pm Up is a comedy adventure in which
San Francisco Film Society
May 6, 2009
3rd SAN FRANCICSO INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL November 13-16 3rd San Francisco International Animation Festival Landmark's Embarcadero Center Cinema November 13-16 The San Francisco Film Society presents the third annual
San Francisco Film Society
Nov 10, 2008
Animated Film Shows in SF 10/21 San Francisco Film Society Presents FEAR(S) OF THE DARK: SPECIAL SCREENING Tuesday, October 21 at 7:30 pm Landmark's Embarcadero Center Cinema Fear(s) of the
San Francisco Film Society
Oct 16, 2008
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Animator Carson Mell Showcase--Aug 28 in SF SF360 FILM+CLUB: CARSON MELL: DISPATCHES FROM DIMENSION X A night of hilarious animation at Mezzanine on August 28
San Francisco Film Society
Aug 25, 2008
SF Women's Film Festival 2007-Call For Entries -CALL FOR ENTRIES- 3rd Annual SF Women's Film Festival (April 2007) San Francisco Women's Film festival is a community for advancement, celebration and
Scarlett Shepard
Sep 14, 2006
WIA meeting in Santa Clara on Wensday Hi everyone, Don't forget WIA in cooperation with TIE is having a meeting this Wednesday featuring BZ from Wild rain. This should be really fun. It's $20
ruby rieke
Apr 3, 2006
SF Women's Film Festival screen 60 plus films-Tickets on Sale Now Hello Everyone, We are so excited to bring you over 60 films directed and co-directed by Women. This year's premieres, features, and short films truly reflect
Scarlett Shepard
Apr 2, 2006
directions to Event next week Driving Directions From San Francisco: Take Freeway 101 South (toward San Jose). Exit at BOWERS AVENUE (toward Great America Pkwy). Bowers Avenue turns into
ruby rieke
Mar 28, 2006
link to register for the TIE and WIA silicon valley event Hi Everyone, Here is a link to the Event taking place on the 5th of April. http://tieapp.com/Products/EventsCalendar/portal_skins/custom/EventDet
ruby rieke
Mar 23, 2006
Bz Petroff to speak on April 5th, 2006 The TiE women's forum , has confirmed Bz Petroff , as a speaker on April 5th, 2006. BZ Petroff started our her career as a set decorator on "Smooth Talk",
ruby rieke
Mar 2, 2006
1st meeting to be held after Holidays Hi everyone, Just wanted to say Happy Holidays. I will be planing our 1st meeting for sometime in January. I have been swamped with work and now have the
ruby rieke
Dec 1, 2005
Re: First Meeting Phew, Glad I didn't miss it, but I thought I read somewhere that it was going to happen after the Alias gathering? Let me know when!!! Lyn
Oct 12, 2005
Re: First Meeting Hi we haven't had the first meeting yet. I have been swamped with work...soon...
ruby rieke
Oct 12, 2005
First Meeting Sorry, I wasn't able to "get away" to attend the first meeting. Could someone post an account of the happenings? THANKS!!!
Lynne Lee
Oct 8, 2005
location ... buildings? I'm new to the city (as in I've only been here since Saturday night) but I like The Canvas a lot. It might be good for an informal meeting, but
Sep 30, 2005
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locations Hi Everyone! I am also very excited about the SF chapter getting up and running again. As for the location of our meetings I am sure the Academy would be very
Sep 30, 2005
Re: locations For an Academy room, I would suggest the little theater in 79 New Montgomery. I believe it has screening capabilities. I would contact Chris Armstrong
Jessica Behnam
Sep 30, 2005
Re: locations That's an idea. Where is the Canvas? Is that the Canvas Gallery? I would like a place that is easy to get to for people who like me who don't have a car. Also
ruby rieke
Sep 30, 2005
Re: locations How about The Canvas in SF or maybe any of the Academy of Art University buildings? Can't wait "o)
Lynne Lee
Sep 29, 2005
YIPEE!!! I was the membership coordinator for the VERY first SF chapter in 1997. It's nice to know that we will rise up again!!!!
Lynne Lee
Sep 29, 2005
Hello I'm excited to be a part of this. I know that there was a very strong interest in getting a group together in the SF area, and I'm glad to finally see it
Sep 29, 2005
Alias Lucky 7 tour This looks like fun. I will definetly be there. I personally want to see maya 7's new pelting feature! SAN FRANCISCO Date: October 5, 2005 Time: 5:30PM
ruby rieke
Sep 22, 2005
Event calender Hi Everyone please have a look at our event calender. I have posted some things that may be of intrest. Please post anything you think would be of benifit to
ruby rieke
Sep 22, 2005
Didn't forget you! Hi Everyone I just wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about WIA. I have been waiting for the list of current members before planing our 1st event.
ruby rieke
Sep 19, 2005
Re: Welcome Hello Jan, Thanks for your help getting things up an running again for the San Francisco chapter. Ruby will do a great job getting everyone together. I just
Sep 19, 2005
Re: First Meeting this is super-late but that place looks terrific. I recently moved to LA from the bay area and was sad i couldnt help with meetings up there but hopefully i
Sep 17, 2005
Welcome Hi All: I am Jan Nagel the president of Women In Animation International. I am so excited that Ruby took my challenge at Siggraph to start -- or should I say,
Aug 30, 2005
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First Meeting Thank you Ruby for getting this organized! I'll be thinking of some topics we can get going on such as job boards, industry news and a list where we can post
Aug 30, 2005
New poll for WIASF Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the WIASF group: What day would you most be likely to attend a monthly meeting? o Monday o Tuesday o
Aug 29, 2005
What would you like to see? Hi Everyone, We would like to get the SF chapter started up and I was wondering what you would like to see at our meetings? I can get us a screening of the
ruby rieke
Aug 29, 2005
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