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LAAW Bulletin For July 21, 2008

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  • cqboricua
    LAAW Bulletin for July 21, 2008 1. LAAW Fall Prep Course 2. Join a LAAW Committee! 3. D.C. Hispanic Youth Symposium 1. LAAW Fall Prep Course The LAAW needs
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      LAAW Bulletin for July 21, 2008
      1. LAAW Fall Prep Course
      2. Join a LAAW Committee!
      3. D.C. Hispanic Youth Symposium

      1. LAAW Fall Prep Course
      The LAAW needs alumni volunteers to participate in its third annual Fall Prep Course for incoming 1Ls on Saturday, August 23, 2008 from 12pm - 5pm .  Please contact Carlos Quintana at cqboricua4@...if you would like to participate as a speaker, attend the lunch from 12:00-12:30 , or to be a mentor.  The prep course is designed to provide practical advice to the incoming students, help demystify the law school experience, and introduce the LAAW as an additional support network for the students.   

      2. Join a LAAW Committee!
      Please consider joining one of the LAAW committees listed below.  If interested, contact the appropriate committee chair.

      Academic Support: 
      This committee coordinates the Fall Prep Course,the Spring Prep Course, and other Special Projects (e.g.,mentoring, WCL student recruitment).  The Fall Prep Course subcommittee is headed by Carlos Quintana (cqboricua4@...),the Spring Prep Course subcommittee is headed by Lucero Ortiz(mlortiz@...), and the Special projects subcommittee is headed by Maryam Ahranjani (mahranjani@...). 

      Communications: This committee will maintain and update the LAAW's database and compile and distribute biweekly electronic bulletins and other periodic announcements of interest to the Association's membership.  Chair: Carlos Quintana, cqboricua4@...

        This committee will develop and implement the LAAW's fundraising plan.  Funds will be raised to provide book scholarship for incoming Latina/o 1Ls, bar review scholarships for Latina/o 3Ls, and the LAAW Endowment.  Chair: Shirley Rivadeneira, srivade@.... 

      WCL Relations:  This committee serves as liaison with WCL staff and students.  In particular, this committee will make strong efforts to reach out to graduating 3Ls to recruit new LAAW alumni members.  One member from this committee will also participate in activities and meetings of the fundraising committee to ensure effective coordination of activities between the two committees.  Chair: Agustina Del Campo, delcampo@...

      External Relations:  This committee will develop relations with organizations outsideof WCL and with WCL alumni.  This would include both law and non-lawrelated institutions.  Chair: Manuel Garcia, A.Manuel.Garcia@...

      3. D.C. Hispanic Youth Symposium
      Volunteers are needed for The D.C. Hispanic Youth Symposium on Thursday, July 24, 2008 from 12 to 5pm at Trinity University in Washington D.C. (http://www.hispanicyouth.org/symposium-dc).Each year, over 100 Hispanic high school students in the Washington, DC areagather to learn about college and the tools they need to succeed in the future.Hispanic professionals from various fields also attend this event to help the students develop career plans and other long-term goals.

      Volunteers serve as Facilitators or Judges of the Issues to Action teams.  Issues to Action is a session designed to engage the students in a policyanalysis exercise.  Student groups are assigned an issue that affects the Latino community, and they examine it, identify the root cause, and brainstorm alternative solutions.  Students will be challenged to implement their recommendations. One student will present on behalf of each group, this presentation is judged, and the winning group receives a $1,000 grant todevelop the social venture. The goal of this session is for students to take time to reflect on current issues that affect their local Hispanic community, and to recognize that they have the potential to take action and make a difference.

      Please reply to Sylvia Trujillo (diversitytrujillo@...) or Shirley Rivadeneira (srivade@...) to confirm your participation. You also need to complete a volunteer registration form online at http://scholarships.hispanicfund.org/applications/subsectionid.1,pageid.171/default.asp

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