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    I d like to try help close this discussion thread with a note on some past WCC Program logistics info - There are, of course a number of ways to handle the
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      I'd like to try help close this discussion thread with a note on some past WCC Program logistics info - There are, of course a number of ways to handle the cost & payment logistics for the WCC monthly 
      Program Meetings - The way to handle this is chosen by WCC Program Director & the WCC Board members, whom all will no doubt, take WCC member feedback into account - Just fyi & not necessarily the only way to go on this: when Pat Grable & I coordinated the WCC Program meeting effort a few years ago, here's how we chose to handle payment & cost issues:
      - We tried to keep things as simple and efficient, as we thought possible, for the Program attendees, the Restaurant Management and for the Restaurant Servers
      - Prior to announcing the Program Meeting location, we negotiated a set price with the
      Restaurant Management; this price was for a guarantee minimum number of attendees, and included the cost of pre-selected food choices (including appetizer, entree, coffee & dessert), non-alcoholic drinks, tax and tip -
      - Any & all alcoholic drinks were paid for, by the meeting attendee, directly to the Bartender or Server; either by running a tab or by the drink
      - Set pricing for everything, except alcoholic drinks, made things very simple & provided set expectations, in that all involved (Program attendees, the Restaurant Management and Restaurant Servers) know what cost, revenue and tips, to expect in advance (for the RM's & RS's, they also know that they might possibly receive more revenue & tips as well, depending on the number of attendees over the minimum) - Set pricing provided a minimum amount of cash collecting and tracking; the basic Program attendee fee was collected, in cash (some Directors take & took checks - we chose not too & let people know that prior to the meeting), at the door when Program attendees entered the Restaurant or Facility - I use the word Facility here specifically, as we did hold one of our meetings at the Irvington Fire Station house & made a donation to the
      Irvington Fire Department for the use of their meeting & kitchen rooms .... an option to consider now, given that this setting results in a lower cost to meeting attendees & provides some, much needed monetary support to a valued community service threaten/hit, like all of us, with economic pressures -
      Again, there are numerous ways to handle the meeting cost & payment logistics - I think that past methods don't necessarily dictate future processes, though they do provide some ideas/lessons learned for consideration -
      I'm looking forward to the WCC 2009 monthly Program Meetings, however their pricing & payment is handled,  Michele Saferstein
      a message dated 2/21/2009 8:34:11 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, norman@... writes:

      When we used to have the meeting the price was for everything including the tip for the meal. I thought with large parties most restaurants usually include the tip? Am I missing something? Is everyone to just order off the menu?

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      Then someone would complain if it was 15% vs 18% vs 20%?...

      sunny weather, let's go ride our bikes.

      On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 7:07 AM, Norman Sherran <norman@sherran. net> wrote:
      > That's true but the tip for the meeting should be included in the fee. If
      > you order more drinks that a different story.
      > ____________ _________ _________ __
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      > Norm,
      > Maybe i'm not understanding correctly, but $30 is the set price. Tax
      > and tip will vary based on any additional drinks/etc you order.
      > Isn't there always a $25-$30 cost for these monthly meetings?
      > On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 6:13 PM, nsherran <norman@sherran. net> wrote:
      >> Also it stated 30 dollars not including tax and tip. why is there not
      >> a set price. I think there should be a price people know what the cost is.
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      >>> Hello Norman.....the company is WCC ....WCC is underwriting the cost
      >> of March Meeting .....to the extent possible.... .Steve ----- Original
      >> Message -----From: nsherran Date: Friday, February 20, 2009 3:01
      >> pmSubject: [WCCChat] March meetingTo: WCCChat@yahoogroups .com> If a
      >> compnay is hosting the march meeting why is thre a >
      >> charge?????? ????????> > Stephen J. CarreConsultant, WinterGreen
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