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3Free manual Extensive Organic Beekeeping from Argentina

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  • oscarperone@ymail.com
    Apr 24, 2009
      Hi all !

      My name is Oscar Perone. I live in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and I
      am 63 years old. I have been keeping bees since I was young, and in 2002 I
      became a professional organic, natural beekeeper. I have also taught beekeeping as a teacher at training schools in several parts of Buenos Aires.

      In 2004, trying to escape Roundup and the environmental devastation as a
      consequence of soybean farming, we moved all of our hives to Pirané and Monte
      Lindo in the Formosa province in the tropical region of Argentina, where we
      still have them.

      For over one year I was in charge of beekeeping, using my method, at the 7,500
      acre "El Palomar" ranch (for livestock and beekeeping) in Palo Santo in Formosa.
      The ranch has 1,000 hives, is organically certified, and is the one of more
      largest beekeeping operation in the north of Argentina.

      During all these years I developed a new technique called Extensive Organic
      Beekeeping that is specially for the care of African bees, although it works
      well with normal bees too, in no-tropical zones of the world.

      I was going to publish a book, but I decided to offer all the materials for free
      in a manual on my new blog:


      On my blog you can see the results in photographs from my apiaries. In the
      manual on my blog I explain, among other things, the method with which I trapped

      339 swarms to start hives during the 2006/2007 season.

      So here it helped me a beekeeper from another list to translate the text from
      the Spanish because of my limitations with the English language.

      The following text is automatically translated by software.
      Sorry for the mistakes

      I ask you to enter my blog and read the manual.

      I want to help beekeepers around the
      world with this technique and I can not transmit my knowledge to my fellow
      beekeepers who speak English because I do not speak the language

      I firmly believe that beekeepers are responsible to save the bees
      around the world, because they are in grave danger. Across the planet the
      hives are losing population at an alarming rate.

      I think I can do is help to the best of my ability.

      So my manual is free. For all in the world.

      I am entering all the lists of beekeeping in English in the world trying to
      find people like you who have kindly contact me in Spanish. And perhaps they
      would like help with the translation of the beekeeping blog to make this
      information available to many more beekeepers in the world.

      Translation must be done by who knows beekeeping, Spanish and English.
      In my country do not know anyone who has the necessary conditions.

      So I have not engaged the services of a professional translator.
      I could not warn the mistakes out of ignorance of beekeeping by the professional


      I would help to beekeepers
      around the world

      Please help me if you can.

      All the best


      Oscar Perone

      Ozanan 96
      1617 General Pacheco
      Buenos Aires
      Tel: +54 011 1532837346
      mail: oscarperone@...
      Skype: oscarperone
      Blog: http://oscarperone.blogspot.com
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