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Cavities and food

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  • joanhulvey
    Found these on the Discussing NT yahoo group. I have Rami Nagel s book and was always curious about his daughter s progress since changing her diet. This post
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      Found these on the Discussing NT yahoo group. I have Rami Nagel's book and was always curious about his daughter's progress since changing her diet. This post mentions a second daughter:

      What would you do? (teeth) --UPDATE
      Just wanted to send a quick update since I last posted. I have been privelleged
      enough to have email and telephone correspondance with Ramiel Nagel himself
      regarding my daughters teeth. He determined that there were a lot of
      nutritional deficiencies pre-conception, during pregnancy, and during her whole
      first 15 months (all pre-WAPF) to make up for. She has also been consuming way
      too many carbs. nuts, and grains.

      These are his suggestions:

      1. Eliminate peanut butter. Peanuts are very high in phytic acid.

      2. Eliminate all crispy nuts for the time being. It is not known how many
      phytates are left after soaking even.

      3. Greatly reduce grains, or eliminate. It is not because she is gluten
      intolerant, but because of the phytates. Sprouting or soaking overnight is
      still not enough time to adequately remove enough phytates. He recommends all
      of the grains I prepare go through a 2-stage process. 1. First sprout, then dry
      and then sour soak for at least 2-3 days. Phytates will still not be completely
      eliminated, but greatly reduced. Phytates really block those fat-soluble
      activators needed for strong teeth and bones. The more grains you eat, the more
      fat-soluble activators you need. He also reminded me that in Price's research,
      the cultures that were eating grain, also germinated the grain first, then
      soaked for 1-2 weeks before consuming. Also, they usually ate equal amounts of
      special foods (ie. organs; for every bowl of oatmeal, one bowl of liver!).
      Additionally, the people that did have grain in their diet had MORE cavities
      than those who didn't use grain. No matter how long a grain is fermented, it
      will always be nutritionally inferior to an animal product.

      4. Include lots of seafood, especially lobter and crab including the organ goo.

      5. Special foods everyday, meaning liver or roe EVERYDAY!

      6. Reduce fruit to only one per day.

      7. Alternate using fermented clo with the SKATE oil.

      *** I inquired about using coconut flour as a replacement for grain products.
      He does not recommend making a staple out of it as it is not traditional. He
      said the fresh coconut meat and the oil is traditional, but traditional peoples
      had no recipes that he could find that made breads, etc. with coconut flour.

      He also told me that many traditional peoples did not use WHOLE grains. Many
      groups removed the outer husks, as they were indigestable and no matter how long
      they were fermented, you could not remove the phytates from them. He told me
      that there is still vitamins inside the grain, ie. white rice. And, even white
      rice, needs to be fermented. Even though the phytates have been removed with
      the outer bran, there are still anti-nutrients and toxins inside of the grain
      that need to be neutralized.

      He told me that his 2nd daughter, who was much healthier than his first, started
      developing cavities after only 2 weeks eating a 24-hr. fermented oatmeal
      porridge. She was over a year old when they introduced it. She mostly ate
      eggs, raw meat and fish, liver and raw milk and butter. After they stopped the
      oatmeal, her teeth turned white again.

      For people that have problems with cavities, elimination/reduction of nuts and
      grains will be important. If you have no problems otherwise, it is fine to
      leave them in.

      Now I'm off to find some whole lobsters and crabs!

      Here is a great post
      about bone broth and teeth:
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