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Re: Questions and a tip on the Hobart 10 quart mixers

The three quart setup was optional, as far as I know. That's why there are so few out there these days. Andy On May 24, 2017 9:45 AM, "'Mark Silver'
Andy Fitzgibbon
6:53 AM

Re: Hobart C-210 stuck in gear

You are correct- the shift ring moves the key from gear to gear, to select the speed. The key is spring loaded. I suspect the key, or the ring, is stuck due to
Andy Fitzgibbon
6:39 AM

Hobart C-210 stuck in gear

I just added a C-210 to my collection. It is stuck in a gear. Gearbox was very dry and had some green oxidation. I lubed it up but the ring the fork slides
12:27 PM

Re: Questions and a tip on the Hobart 10 quart mixers

The c-100 originally came with 10 and 3 quart bowls and splash guards. Here’s the parts Diagram:
Mark Silver
May 24

Re: hobart cm8 .

I haven't seen a CM-8 before. Are you able to email or post photos? If you post the serial numbers, I might be able to tell you when they were made- though, if
Andy Fitzgibbon
May 24

Re: Questions and a tip on the Hobart 10 quart mixers

I have seen all of the three quart parts for the ten quart mixers, but I don't own any of them. They turn up on eBay once in a while, but are often not
Andy Fitzgibbon
May 24

My mixer collection

Hello everyone, I am starting to liquidate my mixer collection. I"ve started with 5 mixers and have posted them on Ebay. There is an HB, model B with the
May 23

Re: Questions and a tip on the Hobart 10 quart mixers

Ooooh, thanks, Mark, for sharing your info. We have corresponded before about an H-5. I would be very tempted, but our "big family" days are largely behind us
May 22

Questions and a tip on the Hobart 10 quart mixers

Greetings All, I see many references to a 3 and 10 quart mixer combo re: Hobart 10 quarts in both the c-10's and c-100's including splatter guards and pastry
May 22

Remade vid Kenny makes sausages

For anyone following the old link, the vid got remade so that people could actually see what was going on! https://youtu.be/TGo9wh3F56k
May 21

hobart cm8 .

I have a couple of Hobart cm8s.Theres are an Australian version of the C10,but with a few differences.The question I would like to ask has anyone got any idea
May 19

Waring "Super Bowl" mixer

Am not exactly new to the group, had to sell my collection when I downsized after a divorce. But... came across a Bosch look alike. Has similar bowl, beater,
May 14

Re: A question regarding my mixer collection.

Hi Jim, Do you have pictures anywhere of the items that you are selling? - so to speak, a complete catalog of pictures so that people will be able to see. BTW
May 12

Re: Kenny the Mixer's new vid, Skinless sausages

Simon,another great demonstration! Made me hungry. Carl
May 12

Kenny the Mixer's new vid, Skinless sausages

YAY! Kenny get to make Skinless sausages and I get to eat them, yummy! https://youtu.be/vzXXuRBIcak https://youtu.be/vzXXuRBIcak
May 12
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