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Re: West Michigan Hams - Adopting a Family this Christmas

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  • Bill
    All: I suggest we pass a hat at this Thursday s meeting. A most wonderful opportunity in this season. There are a lot of us hurting. Bill, AB8SC
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 5, 2007

      I suggest we pass a hat at this Thursday's meeting. A most wonderful
      opportunity in this season. There are a lot of us hurting.

      Bill, AB8SC

      --- In W8ZHO@yahoogroups.com, "Tom VanderMel KB8VEE" <kb8vee@...> wrote:
      > Hello fellow West Michigan Hams members:
      > In the sprit of Christmas giving I have came across a fellow
      > ham that by no means of his own has come on hard times. We as hams
      > are willing to help out our communities with events, preparing and
      > practicing in case of emergency so we would be able to help out
      > others. We should also make sure we help out our own and with this in
      > mind I would like to adopt this ham and his family to help out this
      > Christmas with taking a collection up for them and keep this going in
      > future years by putting a committee in place this coming year to
      > handle this. Greg and Tom at Tool Max have agreed to be the
      > collection point for all donations.
      > Here is some information on the family we are trying to help this
      > year ..
      > Mark Strait - KD8BIG has in the past helped out ARES with runs and
      > races and also been involved with the Red Cross this all came to a
      > halt after he suffered a heart attack in June 2006 and he has not
      > worked since. He has been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood
      > pressure and cholesterol, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome,
      > numerous tumors on the soft tissue, thyroid problems and the a few
      > more things. Needless to say he will not be returning to work anytime
      > soon. His wife is working and he does draw disability. They have a
      > daughter Shelby who is mentally challenged and a son Cameron.
      > For their house they have some needed roof repairs and kitchen
      > counter tops. Mark cashed in part of his 401(K) to get much of the
      > needed house maintenance done. He does not want to loose the rest of
      > his 401(K).
      > Gift cards would be the best choice for clothing. That way they can
      > simply go to the store and have everyone "Try it on" to make sure it
      > fits.
      > Cameron will be 13 on December 30th. He loves Game-Boy stuff and Play
      > Station games. I do not know if they still have a PS2 or not. Mark
      > liquidated a lot of stuff to pay bills.
      > Shelby will be 11 in August and she loves dressing Barbie dolls. Keep
      > in mind Shelby's mental status is that of roughly a five or six year
      > old. She can turn just about anything into a toy. She too has a love
      > for Game Boys and Play Station stuff.
      > Cash donations can be give to Tom for gift cards and nonperishable
      > food goods will also be collected at Tool Max
      > Donations can be dropped off or sent to:
      > Tool Max Industrial Supply
      > 6516 Schamber Dr
      > Muskegon, MI 49444
      > Attn: Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
      > Thank You all for giving this your consideration and thank you for
      > being part of West Michigan Hams
      > 73 from my Family to yours Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
      > Don Meyer - KB8ODB
      > Any comments or qustions please contact me off the reflector at:
      > kb8odb@...
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