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Do a Good Turn Daily

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  • Bill
    All: I had a couple of interesting conversations recently that have modified my outlook on the Boy Scout slogan, Do a good turn daily. I try to do a few good
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2007
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      I had a couple of interesting conversations recently that have
      modified my outlook on the Boy Scout slogan, "Do a good turn daily."
      I try to do a few good deeds a week and these stories relate to this
      personal goal.

      Our church has an annual sale that nets them significant revenue and
      good will in the community. The church needs to be prepared for the
      event. This involves a number of folks and the moving of furniture.
      The pews are moved out of the "store" and my Boy Scout Troop
      volunteers to move these heavy pews. The lady in charge thanked me
      for this assistance. She was genuinely pleased that the youth in the
      Troop performed this service. My view was that the youth were
      available, willing to help, and do these good deeds more or less
      routinely. They merely need a request. The nice lady asked me to
      look around and count the number of folks who could move these heavy
      pews. We were at a church service with our over fifty something
      friends and church family. I didn't get the true point of her thanks.

      Later that afternoon I was moving snow around my elderly neighbor's
      driveway. My tractor and blade are a new way for me to move snow and
      I'm learning the technique. I'm sure I'm not nearly as proficient as
      other folks who might be at the controls. The elderly neighbor comes
      out and tries to give me money for fuel. I'm embarrassed to say that
      my feelings were hurt as she tried to stuff this money in my pocket.
      Finally she threw the bill into the tractor's cab and slammed the door.

      Later my father was saying that folks appreciate these favors because
      they don't have the strength or resources to accomplish these tasks.
      I'm thinking I only want to do a small good deed. I'm beginning to
      learn a new appreciation for how the recipient views the good deed.
      I'm also starting to see that doing these good deeds really takes some
      of the worry or load from these folk's shoulders.

      The point of this is not to brag. I merely wanted to share this
      recent enlightenment. I'll try to lighten up a bit and just say,
      "Thanks" when presented with these situations in the future. I enjoy
      the "warm and fuzzies" that generally accompany these random acts of
      kindness. It's probably the same for ham radio guys working the radio
      during an emergency or while they deliver a radiogram.

      Bill, AB8SC
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