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  • ravennaelectronics
    Good evening Tom. VLSC stands for Venturing Leadership Skills Course. The Venturing Leadership Skills Course was created to help teach young adults/youth the
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2007
      Good evening Tom.
      VLSC stands for Venturing Leadership Skills Course. The Venturing
      Leadership Skills Course was created to help teach young
      adults/youth the attitudes and skills that good leaders
      demonstrate. Practicing and mastering these skills will help enable
      Venturers to have positive leadership experiences. VLSC is a series
      of leadership modules divided into four catergories: Vision,
      Communication, Organization and Synergism. Each module is
      introduced by an activity and followed by reflection (post analysis
      of what worked, what didn't, and how to make it better). This is
      the course that several of the crew's young adults/youth attended at
      Gerber Scout Camp from November 9-11.

      Committee members are Chuck Stark, Bob Duplissis, Rick and Deb
      Ronning and myself. We need more committee members too. Part of
      the crew's rechartering process is the Membership Inventory. This
      is where we make phone calls and/or personal visits to every crew
      member and crew committee members to see if they are going to re-
      register in the crew for another year. If they are not, then we
      want to know how come. The adults will decide on what adult leader
      position they wish to fill for the upcoming year. Right now there
      are several MANDATORY adult leader positions that must be filled or
      the crew will not be able to recharter. So, if there are any adults
      in the club that wish to become more active with the youth then this
      is a great way to do it. I encourage them to come to the Crew
      Committee meeting.

      Best Regards,
      Rich "Doc" Strait, KD8BGQ

      --- In W8ZHO@yahoogroups.com, Tom Porritt <jtporritt@...> wrote:
      > Doc,
      > I would like to put this in Flashovers, but wonder about several
      > What is VLSC? Who are committee members at this time?
      > Tom
      > ravennaelectronics <ravennaelectronics@...> wrote:
      > December 5th, 3:30pm at the Strait's home is the next
      Crew Meeting.
      > Crew members will be conducting crew officer elections at this
      > meeting. If you have any youth, ages 14-20, that are interested in
      > joining the crew, we would love for them to come out to a meeting.
      > Contact Karen, Crew Advisor, with any questions. Karen's email
      > address is sarjenka47 at aol.com
      > December 6th, 6pm at the MAARC Clubhouse is the Crew Committee
      > meeting. If you would like to be a member of the Venturing Crew
      > Committee, please come out to the meeting. We are in need for
      > several more adult leaders. If you have any questions, please
      > contact me at kd8bgq at arrl.net. Below is the agenda for the crew
      > committee meeting.
      > Old Business
      > 1. Asscoiate Advisors Update - "Doc"
      > 2. Popcorn Sales Recap - Karen
      > 3. School Night Round-up - Karen
      > 4. Training
      > VLSC - Karen
      > Venturing Adult Leader Training - "Doc"
      > Powder Horn 2008 - Karen
      > 6. Committee Meeting Dates/Times - "Doc"
      > 7. JOTA Recap- Karen
      > New Business
      > 1. Crew Re-Charter Time
      > 2. Membership Inventory
      > 3. Centennial Quality Unit Award Status
      > 4. Wilderness First Aid Basic course hosted by our crew.
      > Dates are April 5th & 12th.
      > 5. Field Day 2008 - GOTA Station ??
      > 6. Other New Business/Good of the Order?
      > Adjourn
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