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Re: [W8ZHO] Future Shack

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  • Al Pepping
    One thing you can forget about is hydroelectric....You need a DEQ permit ( translated to...lots of dollars and red tape up the wazoo) to dam up a creek even
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 24, 2007
      One thing you can forget about is hydroelectric....You need  a DEQ permit ( translated to...lots of dollars and red tape up the wazoo)   to dam up a creek even if it runs across your property.  You might own the property, but not the water that flows across it. 
      I have a 400 watt wind turbine and a 50 watt solar panel.  When we went to North Dakota a couple of years ago, I had the solar panel connected to a deep cycle marine battery and ran my HF station for the whole trip.  The panel was mounted in the bed of the pick up between the cab and the front of the 5th wheel.  Worked great.  Never had to tie in to the trucks electrical system .  There is not enough wind at my location to run the wind turbine to much productivity unless I get it up in the air 40 to 50 feet.  I'm in the planning stages and want to get it up this year.  Doing the math , you have to live a looooong time to recoupe your investment.  But that's not why we do it, we do it because it's cool tekkie kinda stuff.
      And recall last year at Field Day, we earned 100 bonus points for the 440 mHz station being fully solar powered.  I would like to do a Field Day some year completely generator free !!!   Many groups do this for field day, of course they don't have air conditioners and electric coffee post running. 
      I highly recommend this book:
      Emergency Power Radio Communications, by Michael Bryce WB8VGE  .It's published by the ARRL.
      Mike has done about everything imaginable with alternative energy and has spent a small fortune finding out what works and doesn't work.  Mike tells it like it is !  Before you go spend your hard earned dollars for alternative energy systems, do your homework.  There are a lot of  so called "good deals" out there that, as Mike points out, turn out to be a waste of money.   This book is  a must read if you plan any type of backup power system (as we all should have) for our communication set ups. 
      I wonder how serious our government is, both state and federal level, about giving tax credits for alternative energy installations.  We shall see.
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      Date: 03/23/07 18:12:57
      Subject: [W8ZHO] Future Shack

      What features would you incorporate (assuming no financial restraints) in a ham shack?  How would you prepare to face the variety of environmental conditions that we face, so you would be able to operate under almost any conditions?
      One thing I ran across today was a Canadian company that makes wind powered alternators: http://www.electrov ent.com/# engpp
      A couple of the things I thought I would want to incorporate in this shack:
      Alternate power - solar, wind, etc.
      Natural heating/cooling - geothermal?  maybe other technologies/ techniques
      Use your imagination.  What can you do regardless of expense?  Maybe adding a bit of realism, what can you accomplish at a more moderate cost?

      Jon AB8RD

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