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Re: [W8ZHO] Thanks!

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  • Al Pepping
    Bill couldn t have said it better !!. We even dusted off the ol Drake twins and fired them up. No smoke either ! Old friends and new faces made this event
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 14, 2007
      Bill couldn't have said it better !!.  We even dusted off the ol' Drake twins and fired them up.  No smoke either !  Old friends and new faces made this event especially nice.  And the food was great !  At the end of Saturday night when all world politics were resolved,  we were showing off the collection of old QSL cards and found an interesting photograph depicting a stately looking chap at the helm of a very early wireless station.  We're talking 1920's  judging by the equipment.   His identity is still unknown but across the top of the photo was the call VK3TL.  Today I learned this is the call of the WIA....Wireless Institute of Australia, similar to us yanks ARRL.  So off goes an e-mail to the WIA president informing him of our find.   Will we find out who this mystery op is????  Even more so, how did this photo end up at MAARC where is had no doubt resided  for decades.    Crikey !!  Will keep you posted on this mystery.     Again, thanks to all who made this a really fun event...
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      From: Bill
      Date: 01/14/07 13:38:56
      Subject: [W8ZHO] Thanks!


      I hope you all enjoyed this weekend as much as many of our group.
      What a wonderful experience playing radio with friends. The MAARC
      sure enjoys some wonderful hams, friends, family, folks.

      My thanks to all who participated, from the folks who stopped in just
      long enough to say a quick, "Hello" to the Tom, W8AMZ family who
      seemed to be there constantly and cooking much of the time. Wow, was
      that food excellent or what?! We really enjoyed some great treats
      with friends. I guess when you've got a few kids you have to really
      get good at menus and cooking. Amazing and delicious.

      And thanks to everyone who participated.

      I'm especially humbled to have met one of the oldest hams in our
      community who told stories of building the original clubhouse. Max,
      W8CPD is ninety-four years young and full of life. I'm so grateful.

      Thanks to you for making this one really great weekend. We welcome
      and thank everyone who helped, participated, and made this a wonderful

      Bill, AB8SC

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