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Fw: [WestMichiganHams] Re: Tech Classes in January

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  • Dennis Harriss
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      Subject: [WestMichiganHams] Re: Tech Classes in January

      Hi everyone.
      Mark, K8MHZ, is planning on starting a Tech Class in February. I
      have a list of 14 potential students at this time. Once Mark has
      the dates (most likely Wednesdays), time and location confirmed he
      will let me know. At that time I will begin the phone calling. If
      you have names of interested folks send them to me and I will add
      them to my list. I also read the post from Joe about the class in
      Holland on Monday evenings. So, the opportunities are there.

      Mark is planning on using the Gordon West book and the W5YI VEC
      team. Book is around $15 and the class itself is FREE. Testing
      will hopefully be done on the last night of class and that will be
      the standard $14 test fee.

      Doc, KD8BGQ

      --- In WestMichiganHams@ yahoogroups. com, "Bill" <bill_fries@ ...>
      > All:
      > It is quite likely that we will be holding Technician Classes in
      > coming month. There are reports of significant interest in amateur
      > radio. And the FCC has changed the rules, or will change the
      > which will certainly impact the path a fellow follows to his
      > From the Michigan Section news (with thanks to Tom, KB8VEE) a
      > caught my eye, "Mentoring by a team of people who are attached at
      > hip with new licensees and assist them is becoming familiar with
      > aspect of the hobby."
      > We can all find a way to interact and help train the hams of next
      > by stepping up and volunteering. We will make a huge difference in
      > our friend's enjoyment of our hobby.
      > Keep your ears open as the opportunity will surely present. And if
      > you know of a person or two with interest, the classes are free,
      > book is cheap, and, as you well know, the opportunities rewarding
      > our hobby.
      > Bill, AB8SC

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