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Re: [W8ZHO] QRP Power Report for the day

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  • Clarke Cooper
    Hello Mark and the rest of the hams in the Michigan area. Just got off 20 meters with Bob - WB8IXV in Muskegon. After the Bathrobe net this morning, we did
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 16, 2010
      Hello Mark and the rest of the hams in the Michigan area.
      Just got off 20 meters with Bob - WB8IXV in Muskegon. After the Bathrobe net this morning, we did some more testing with QRP Power again from Arizona to the Michigan area. In my message yesterday, I goofed and said that my lowest power setting on the K2 was 1.0 watt which we tested yesterday. This morning I was turning the power control on the K2 before net time and realized that the 1.0 watt was not my lowest setting but the lowest setting with the K2 is actually .01 watt. To mak a long story short, After the net this morning, Bob WB8IXV and I did another test. "Yes we did it". Bob was able to copy me with my K2 operating SSB on 0.1 watt.with the the help of is Force 12 C3 antenna at 80' from Phoenix, Arizona to Muskegon Michigan at 7:53am Arizona time which is 9:53am Michigan time. Gosh, who said that Ham Radio is not fun.  Have a great day and say hello to all there in Muskegon.
      Best 73'    Clarke ~ K8BP

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      That's way too cool, Clarke!
      I can't help marvel how far we can communicate with so little power and your QRP contacts are testimony to that fact.
      Thanks for sharing that with us!
      My Best and 73
      Mark K8MHZ
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      Subject: [W8ZHO] QRP Power Report for the day


      For those interested in QRP, I have a good one for you.
      This morning December 15th 2010 while checking into the Bathrobe Net from my
      winter QTH in Phoenix, Arizona we had  a station from Florida who was trying to
      run his 100 watt Transceiver with only a Battery for electrical power. Each
      time he transmitted we heard nothing but distortion. Finally I broke into the
      net and asked Bob Pulsifer - WB8IXV who was our Net Controller to have him cut
      his power in half (50 Watts). When the Florida station cut his power in
      half  his audio was perfectly clear here in Arizona.
      Now here is the good one that has kept me smiling all day.
      After the net I called Bob - WB8IXV. When Bob answered, I said that I would like
      to do a little test with my K2 that I had been using this day.
      I made a short transmission operating 90 watts SSB. No problem loud an clear S9.
      Then I each of my transmissions, I kept on lowering my power output each time I
      contacted Bob. Then finally with the 1 watt indicated on my green dial which is
      the minimum power setting on my Elecraft K2,  I got a S5 report from  Bob
      Pulsifer in Muskegon, Mi. Then Ken - W4JPO in Florida broke in and gave me a S4
      Report. Hot Dog. All of that good report stuff with a 3 element Mosley 33 Beam
      at 40' . Now you know why I haven't used a amplifier for years.

      Anyway, I just wanted to share that experience that happened this morning.  Have
      a great evening.    Clarke - K8BP QTH Deer Valley - Phoenix, Arizona.

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