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Re: [W8ZHO] Fox hunt Timer

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  • Al Pepping
    Way cool Jim.....Can t wait to see it in action....glad the Gen set move was successful.....KV8X ... From: kc8pcj Date: 11/14/2010 2:17:28 PM To: MIfoxhunter;
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 14, 2010
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      Way cool Jim.....Can't wait to see it in action....glad the Gen set move was successful.....KV8X 
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      From: kc8pcj
      Date: 11/14/2010 2:17:28 PM
      Subject: [W8ZHO] Fox hunt Timer

      Just finished my first version of my fox timer circuit. It uses a 555 timer chip. Still have to tweak the timing a bit, but the current version is turning on an Green LED and relay for 1 sec every 4 min and 10 sec, red LED is on during the timing cycle. I am going to put a switch that will change between relay output and a buzzer for use without keyer. Relay will activate my k1el k12 memory keyer http://k1el.tripod.com/K12.html which will play a one min message in code on FM (voice keyer in the future). So far timer is build out of spare parts and keyer I had from a past project. Keyer is capable of six pre recorded CW msg and can be set up to key your CW radio or used on FM voice. It will key the transmitter and send the msg at the push of a button (relay).
      for timer circuit see  basic circuits for LM555 timer circuit #4. I will update the group on the exact spec when I have them complete.
      Next is to work on multiple timing switches (easy) and DTMF control(harder).
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