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Fw: [WestMichiganHams] Excellent communicators on the street, excellent net control, makes for a excellent event

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  • Dennis Harriss
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      From: Don Meyer
      Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2006 14:45
      Subject: [WestMichiganHams] Excellent communicators on the street, excellent net control, makes for a excellent event

      Hello Everyone …. I want to thank all the hams that came out and helped for this years Coast Guard events. I heard a lot of guys say they had a good time, and I want to say all the events went on like top notch operations. You can truly see that events like this are a good thing to prepare us incase we have a major emergency in our area. There was a runner that collapsed on one of the YMCA runs and through the hams out on the route had help on the way the minute it was reported on the net. A 4 year old was lost in the crowed at the Grand Parade and was reunited with parents with in minutes, just think how scared you would be at 4 and lost in that crowd and we were able to help out and also confirm return to there parents. These were just a couple of incidents that were handled. One of the parade committee said they could not believe hams did this for free, they have not been able to get good communications paying for it. I didn’t tell them it is selfish on our part as for doing events like this we get to operate on all the bands that we have and places to put our repeaters. Added to our event this year there was a ham stationed down at the water front and one on the hill by the fountain to coordinate the evening events which I heard worked were the cities radios failed. We were short on volunteers I would have liked to have had more of the down town covered for parade safety and there was no one in the Red Cross tent but we handled everything in the areas we were in and I heard from my family there were only two gaps in the parade and both could not be avoided
      Excellent communicators on the street, excellent net control, and good relations with emergency services because we have been working with them makes for a excellent event …. Thank you everyone that came out to help…

      Donald Meyer - KB8ODB

      Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Amateur Radio in Ottawa County

      e-mail:kb8odb@ sbcglobal. net


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