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2867Next Week Saturday afternoon, Spark in the Park

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  • Tom
    Aug 23, 2014
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      This email is an invitation for you to join other amateur radio operators on August 30, 2014 for a "Spark in the Park".

      The general start time is 5 PM, till o' dark hundred. The park is locked  at 10 PM.                                                                                                                                                                       & amp;                                                   

      This is a new event.  It is not a hamfest, it is not a club meeting.  You might want to call it a "science fair" for amateur radio.  The event is free, courtesy of the four sponsoring clubs, Holland ARC, Lowell ARC, the Grand Rapids ARA and the Allegan County ARC.  That said, donations will gratefully be accepted to help defray remaining expenses.

      There is more information at:  http://www.k8tb.org/sitp.htm.

      In addition to the indoor and outdoor presenters, the newly revived Michigan VHF-UHF Society will be holding an informal meeting starting at 4 PM.  I suggest that they grab an area around a few picnic tables.  Maybe someone can bring a 6 meter halo on a ten foot pole as a "flag" for the group.

      And a request.  While there are many presenters scheduled to be holding continuous demonstrations, I encourage each of you who has a home-brew antenna tuner, or a cute QRP transmitter, or a portable low band antenna, to please bring it along, and grab a picnic table for your very own show and tell.  Yes, justlike in the first grade.  Exceptthat pet turtles don't count.  Ofnote, we would like to see people’s bug-out bags/go kits.  Everyone has a different idea of what they want, and it is very interesting to see the solutions that other people come up with.

      There will be no food supplied, as we are not allowed to sell any food or drinks at this county park.  The GRARA club will be serving coffee, free of charge.  I would suggest that you bring something along to drink and eat if you are so inclined.

      Talk in will be on the 145.27 (-600, 9.8 PL) Lowell repeater.


      The Douglas Walker Park is located at 1195 84th St., Byron Center, MI.  The GPS coordinates are
      42-48-43 by 85-41-35 or
      42-48.71 by 84-41.583 or
      42.801183 by 85.69305

      If you are coming from the south, go north on US 131 and get off at the 84th St exit, exit  74.  Turn left (going west) and go 1.25 miles and the park is on your right (north side).  Coming from the north, exit 84th St. exit, #74, turning right (going west) and go 1.25 miles and the park is on your right (north side).

      If you are coming from the east, either take I-94 to northbound US-131, or if you are coming using I-96, cut over to westbound M-6, exit #46 and continue to US-131 southbound, exit #8 on M-6. Then follow the instructions for coming from the north. If you are coming from the east, say I-96 eastbound, swing over to southbound US-131, and follow those instructions.  If coming from Holland, you jump on M-6, and then to southbound US-131, or simply follow 84th St. (Byron Rd in Ottawa county) and go east to the park.  Make sure to honk your horn at K8IHY when you go by his house. :-)

      If you have any other questions, please contact me.

      This event is a first for all of us. There will be concerns and issues, but we should be flexible.  The emphasis is to show other amateur radio operators the facet of the hobby you enjoy.  Have fun and talk up a storm.

      Tom Bosscher K8TB