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Elections for ARRL

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  • Tom
    Dear Great Lakes Division Club Contact, If you are not the Editor of your club newsletter, please pass this to the Editor at your earliest opportunity or to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2005
      Dear Great Lakes Division Club Contact,

      If you are not the Editor of your club newsletter, please pass this
      to the Editor at your earliest opportunity or to your membership.
      If you are the Editor, I will appreciate it if you can run the
      following story in your newsletter during the following month.

      As you likely know already, it is time to elect the Director and
      Vice Director for the ARRL Great Lakes Division (Kentucky, Michigan,

      I will appreciate it if you will share the following information
      with your members so they may understand more thoroughly just what
      I "stand for" when I work on their behalf on the ARRL Board of

      Tnx. Please contact me if you have any questions. Tnx, 73,

      Jim, K8JE



      Fellow ARRL members, I am honored that you have allowed me to
      serve you and Amateur Radio as your Great Lakes Division Director
      the past three years. I appreciate your confidence in me and ask
      you to re-elect me to three more years of progress.

      Why vote for me? I've fulfilled every promise I've made to
      you and have proven my leadership. You don't need to guess "what" I
      am. My work on your behalf includes:

      - Through my monthly "Weaver's Words" newsletter, I continually seek
      your advice on key issues, inform you of the "full story" behind
      these issues and demonstrate my belief that you are "The Reason ARRL
      Is." I kept my word to you. Incidentally, my votes on the Board
      have been completely consistent with the wishes expressed to me by
      the overwhelming majority of you.

      - Work by the Board, Staff and local leadership resulted in
      victories by Division amateurs in nearly each instance our right to
      install antenna structures was challenged. I kept my word to you.

      - ARRL Staff has begun a unique, detailed project to reach the pool
      of non-hams that will restore growth to the Amateur Radio Service.
      The results of the project will be recruiting new and younger
      amateurs, and keeping them active in our great Service. I kept my
      word to you.

      - My motion that established the ARRL Grassroots Legislative Action
      Program is effectively promoting the needs of Amateur Radio. I kept
      my word to you.

      The future offers unforeseen challenges. Key among these challenges
      is action resulting from FCC's decision to minimize its involvement
      in Amateur Radio. I want to work on the Board to develop strategies
      that to enable us to achieve the flexibility we need to guide our
      great Service through coming successful years.

      If re-elected, I will renew my commitment to resolving members'
      concerns, to strengthen and to grow Amateur Radio and to continue to
      promote the full significance of "Members, The Reason ARRL Is."

      Thanks. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments –


      Jim, K8JE


      Re-Elect Jim Weaver, K8JE

      Director, Great Lakes Division ARRL; http://www.arrl.org/

      5065 Bethany Rd., Mason, OH 45040

      Tel.: 513-459-0142; E-mail: k8je@...

      ARRL: The reason Amateur Radio Is!

      MEMBERS: The reason ARRL Is!


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