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Book Bomb for Ben Wolverton

Not sure if this list is still up, but it's worth a try. :) David Farland/Dave Wolverton's son, Ben, was in a longboarding accident last week. He has massive
Charlie Harmon
Apr 9, 2013

Westercon 67 meeting

Dave -- Are you having a Westercon 67 meeting this weekend? I would like to add an agenda item. Westercon 67 is new to the Utah fandom. At the last CONduit
David-Glenn Anderson
Aug 23, 2012

FYI, equipment returned

  I finally coordinated getting the video feed equipment (for the con channel) back to Joel.  He has done the con channel for NWC for many years and is now
Scott Davis
Jul 23, 2012

Re: am I missing something....

We are all recovering. There has been a lot of info on the Facebook page. http://crimeandtheforcesofevil.com/blog/2012/07/that-was-so-much-fun-you-guy s/
Bobbie DuFault
Jul 22, 2012

Re: am I missing something....

I think we never managed to be in the same place at the same time. lol Charlie ~=~ “The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all
Charlie Harmon
Jul 21, 2012

Re: [High Priority] Frank Wu's art

I emailed Jackie today, hope it got through that Frank was wanting to get a hold of her about shipping times. Susan From: W65-ConClusion@yahoogroups.com
Susan Robinson
Jul 19, 2012

Re: am I missing something....

Thank you!! How did we not manage to catch up with each other!!! ... From: W65-ConClusion@yahoogroups.com [mailto:W65-ConClusion@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of
Bobbie DuFault
Jul 19, 2012

[High Priority] Frank Wu's art

Frank is asking for Jackie's (sp?) phone number, as his artwork has not yet made it back to him and he is concerned. Can someone help me out with her number so
Randy MacKay
Jul 19, 2012

Re: am I missing something....

I took a few days off last week to crash and burn. lol (And I didn't do that much!) As this list was quiet, I wasn't sure if I should post something or not,
Charlie Harmon
Jul 17, 2012

Re: am I missing something....

Filk track went well. I had several compliments on the panels and the quality of the concerts. Some of the musicians worked for months to be ready to do their
Jul 16, 2012

Re: am I missing something....

I don't have a lot of stories to tell. I did my usual convention thing, sitting at a fan table and throwing parties, so I talked to many people but otherwise I
Alex von Thorn
Jul 16, 2012

Post Con Reports

After setting one kind of record for length last year (2h15m in session, closer to 3 hours total run time including recesses and committee-of-the-whole), this
Standlee, Kevin
Jul 16, 2012

Re: am I missing something....

The member of the Guest Services Team really didn't get a chance to attend much, as we were kept pretty busy throughout the convention (and before, during and
Randy MacKay
Jul 16, 2012

Re: am I missing something....

MC--- I think Mike that people are busy with their real jobs or are still recovering-- its taken me this long to get back to a daily schedule....which doesn't
David Dorais
Jul 16, 2012

am I missing something....

Westercon 65 ended a week ago....and there has been nothing on this list about the con, except one from David-Glenn Anderson stating there were 600+ members,
Michael Citrak
Jul 16, 2012
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